2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia vs. Audi A4 vs BMW 3 Series vs Lexus IS

Alfa Romeo Giulia VS The Competition - Alfa Romeo of Akron

Searching for a luxury sports sedan that’s packed with exhilarating performance, eye-catching style, and first-class comfort features? Look no further than the dynamic Alfa Romeo Giulia, crafted with quintessential Italian passion and race-proven engineering to help you stand out from the crowd. If you’ve been curious about how the Alfa Romeo Giulia measures up to the competition — you’re in luck! Our team at Alfa Romeo of Akron has assembled this informative comparison in which the Giulia goes up against its biggest rivals from Audi, BMW, and Lexus. Which sedan will take the victory? Let’s find out!

Alfa Romeo Giulia vs Audi A4

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti AWD VS Audi A42023 Audi A4 Premium Plus 40 quattro
$48,650 MSRP $45,000
280 HP / 306 LB-FT Horsepower / Torque 201 HP / 236 LB-FT
8 Transmission Speeds 7
Standard, Keyfob-Activated Remote Start Not Available
Power 4-Way Passenger Lumbar Support Optional
3 USB Ports 2
38.6 / 42.4 inches Front Headroom/Legroom 37.3 / 41.3 inches
Standard, Front & Rear Parking Sensors Not Available
17.7 feet Turning Radius 19 feet
1st Visit Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance Not Available

In our first matchup, the Alfa Romeo Giulia goes up against the Audi A4. Although you might notice a slight price advantage for the A4 when looking at equivalent trim levels, choosing Audi over Alfa Romeo will actually prove to be an unfortunate mistake. When it comes to performance, the clear winner is the Alfa Romeo Giulia thanks to nearly 80 more horsepower and 70 lb-ft of additional torque compared to the A4. You’ll also appreciate its more sophisticated 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers greater response under heavy acceleration.

The Giulia also comes equipped with premium standard features not found on the A4 including power lumbar support for the front passenger seat, keyfob-activated remote start system, and front and rear parking sensors. A turning radius that’s over a foot shorter than the A4 helps showcase the impressive agility and maneuverability of the Giulia as well. More headroom and legroom in the front seats make the Alfa Romeo the more comfortable choice. Lastly, you won’t enjoy the complimentary scheduled maintenance visit included as standard on the Giulia if you settle for the Audi A4.

Alfa Romeo Giulia vs BMW 3 Series

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti AWD VS BMW 330i2023 BMW 330i xDrive
$48,650 MSRP $44,300
280 HP / 306 LB-FT Horsepower / Torque 255 HP / 295 LB-FT
Brembo 4-Wheel Disc Brake System 4-Wheel Disc
17.7 feet Turning Radius 19.6 feet
Standard Remote Start Optional
Standard Heated Front Seats Optional
Power 4-Way, Driver & Passenger Lumbar Adjustment Not Available
Leather Seat Material Leatherette
Standard, Front & Rear Parking Sensors Optional

Next up to face-off against the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the BMW 3 Series. While the BMW does begin this matchup with a slightly lower price tag, further inspection reveals that choosing the Giulia over the 3 Series is actually the smarter decision. Comparing performance figures, the 3 Series is unable to come close to the superior horsepower and torque included as standard across the Giulia model range. Since it’s just as important to have exceptional braking power, the Alfa Romeo Giulia comes equipped with high-performance Brembo disc brakes. It’s hard to ignore its shorter turning radius and more nimble handling capabilities as well.

Turning our focus towards the interiors of both models, BMW drivers will be forced to pay extra for heated front seats or even upgrade from synthetic leatherette to genuine leather upholstery. You’ll also be forced to pay extra for a remote start system, another feature included as standard on the Giulia. In a similar fashion, Standard front and rear parking sensors round out the lengthy list of reasons to pick the Alfa Romeo Giulia over the inferior BMW 3 Series.

Alfa Romeo Giulia vs Lexus IS

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint RWD2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint RWD VS Lexus IS2022 Lexus IS 300 RWD
$43,950 MSRP $40,275
280 HP / 306 LB-FT Horsepower / Torque 241 HP / 258 LB-FT
24 / 33 / 28 MPG (city / highway / combined) 21 / 31 / 25
Standard Power-Folding Exterior Mirrors Not Available
Power 4-Way, Driver & Passenger Lumbar Support Not Available
Leather Seat Material NuLuxe Leatherette
Standard Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror Not Available
Standard Parksense Rear Parking Sensors Optional
37.6 / 35.1 inches Rear Headroom/Legroom 36.9 / 32.2 inches

Last but certainly not least, let’s take a look at exactly how the Lexus IS compares to the Alfa Romeo Giulia. As we have seen previously, the Lexus IS begins this matchup with a very modest price advantage. However, choosing the IS means you’ll have to settle for a much slower sedan when you look at the disappointing performance figures of the Lexus. To make matters worse, the Giulia is also able to top the Lexus IS in terms of efficiency as well thanks to superior MPG ratings across all three categories.

Additional features included as standard on the entire Alfa Romeo Giulia model range are either costly options or completely unavailable on the Lexus IS. Examples include power-folding exterior mirrors, authentic leather upholstery, rear parking sensors, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Standard 4-way power lumbar adjustments for both front seats inside the Giulia add more comfort and personalization than you’ll find inside the Lexus IS. Finally, rear-seat passengers will be more comfortable inside the Giulia thanks to superior rear headroom and legroom.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Winner — Alfa Romeo Giulia

Now that we’ve completed this in-depth luxury sedan comparison and tallied the results, it’s clear that the Alfa Romeo Giulia remains the ultimate choice for those craving the perfect compact luxury sedan. Audi, BMW, and Lexus are just not able to contend with the thrilling performance, luxurious features, and remarkable value included as standard across the Giulia model range. Eager to experience the Giulia for yourself. Our team at Alfa Romeo of Akron is standing by to help you choose the right Giulia model for your lifestyle.