Alfa Romeo Maintenance Schedule & Service Cost in Akron, OH

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From routine maintenance to major repairs, you can count on the service professionals at Alfa Romeo of Akron to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance. Through the use of Genuine Alfa Romeo Parts engineered to perform in your specific vehicle, you can continue to enjoy the same exhilarating drive you’ve come to expect from your Alfa Romeo. Below, you’ll find a Basic Maintenance Guide which can help you determine the service your Alfa Romeo Giulia or Stelvio needs at a given mileage interval.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia & Stelvio

2.0L Giulia and Stelvio Basic Maintenance Guide:

Oil Change Service – $210.00


1 Year/10K Miles

1st Year or 10,000 Mile Service Checkup

  • Perform tire rotation
  • Check battery charge status
  • Check tire condition/wear/pressure
  • Check operation of exterior lights
  • Check and top up off fluids
  • Check engine control system operation (via diagnostic tool)
  • Check position and wear of front windshield wiper blades
  • Visually inspect condition and wear of front and rear disc brake pads and operation of pad wear indicators
  • Brake disc wear status check with diagnostic tool
  • Visually inspect surface and edges of brake discs
  • Visually inspect the condition and tensioning of the accessory drive belt


2 Year/20K Miles

2nd Year or 20,000 Mile Service Checkup

Perform 1st Year Service Checkup:


  • Brake fluid flush
  • Cabin filter replacement


3 Year/30K Miles

3rd Year or 30,000 Mile Service Checkup

Perform 1st Year Service Checkup:


  • Engine air filter replacement


4 Year/40K Miles

4th Year or 40,000 Mile Service Checkup

Perform 2nd Year Service Checkup:


5 Year/50K Miles

5th Year or 50,000 Mile Service Checkup

Perform 1st Year Service Checkup:


6 Year/60K Miles

6th Year or 60,000 Mile Service Checkup

Perform both 2nd Year and 3rd Year Service Checkup:


  • Spark plug replacement


Coolant Change 150K Miles

Additional Services – Repeat previous intervals until 150,000 miles